Mission Statement

The Texas State University Exe club's purpose is to enhance student portfolios and show potential employers what students are capable of working on outside of class.

About Us

The Exe club is a student-led Computer Science club at Texas State University. The club invites a community of students who have a passion for solving problems, coding, or building projects.We help Computer Science students to further these skills. The club allows members to network with like-minded individuals, and enjoy the company of a diverse student body gathered around a shared interest in computing and all of its related fields. The Exe Computer Science Club offers semester projects, group meetings, and a general atmosphere of camaraderie for students of any major to present and discuss topics of all kinds. The Exe club allows members to enjoy the knowledge of Computer Science without the pressure of the classroom.

Meeting Location and Time

We hold our meetings every semester on Tuesdays at 7 pm in room 231 Derrick Hall of Texas State University.

Come by and see us!